Nikhil Joshi, M.D.

My time, my world, my beliefs

Time: 12:00 p.m., Day: 12, Month:12, Year: 2012…..12-12-12-12, a significant day since this type of date will not occur until 12 p.m on December 12, 3012, another 100 years! Hence I am driven to write my thoughts to mark this as a historic occasion in my time, my world, my existence…. so my son, this is a letter not to the world but to you, my world!

I would like to share my beliefs so that I am not judged, but understood. I believe that:

• All souls come into the world for a very specific purpose, to fulfill very specific desires, duties and tasks.

• Each and every soul is gifted with specific talents, predispositions and choices to shape their lives.

• The paradox of life is that as individuals each of us is empowered to shape our own future, yet the stage upon which we act, is set by a higher being with fellow actors who also have an impact of how the play unfolds.

• Some of us are more intuitively tuned into what is our inner calling, the part we are asked to “act out” and hence are able to undertake actions to align the body, mind and intellect to meet these goals, while others, equally blessed are guided by something which may appear to be external, unexplained and truly awesome!

• As the play unfolds, we perform, bond by time and space, some of us passionately acting and “doing” while others are equally deserving of Oscar awards simply by “quietly being”.

• When I was young I saw the world in black or white, right vs wrong. But with passage of time, I am unsure. Today, I strongly believe there no one way to act, to live, to worship, to be.

So it behoves us not to judge others based on our paradigms, likes, dislikes, socialization and practises. I work hard not to judge others and request the world judge me tenderly for sure! I end this letter with a quote from you that echoes my sentiments so well… “I Love you and you’ve changed my life and made it better…. I hope you’ll always know that”.

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