Nikhil Joshi, M.D.

Love Thyself

Hi World,

So, I want to let you know something. It’s a bit of a secret.

You’re awesome.

Really. You are.

Why are you awesome?

You just are.

Really, though. Whether you’re an artist, or a poet, or a singer, or a mathematician, or a scientist, or none of those things, you’re still awesome. The problem is, we’re so busy telling a lot of other people that they’re awesome. It’s a wonderful problem to have. But do we ever really tell ourselves that? I mean, I know I’m pretty bad about telling myself that I’m awesome and okay and peachy keen. Which brings me to my next point.

Just maybe, in your little corner of the globe, you don’t hear that you’re awesome. My heart feels for you. It really does. I don’t say this out of condescending pity. I do say this because you need to hear it.

You. Are. Awesome.

And more importantly, you are loved.

Sometimes, we need to ask others to say it to us. There are times I know I need to hear it. It’s okay. I sometimes have to ask people. And there are times where I find the strength within myself.

It’s also okay to give yourself room to nurture yourself; to cultivate your own garden. Pull the weeds of self-doubt and anger out. Sow seeds of patience and faith. Harvest fruits of love and charity. Take time for yourself. But take time for others. This harvest is no chore to be done alone.

Tell others, even in a small way, that they’re awesome, too. And you’ll be amazed at the love you get back. (And the smiles are totally worth it.)

Don’t forget – you are awesome. And you are loved.



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