Nikhil Joshi, M.D.

Finding Your Spark

We’ve all been there.

You know, the part where we feel the Muse has left us, and we’re all afraid that we may not see her again.

The fear of losing the spark of creativity or even of our own fire of life itself.

It’s frightening – the day that we find ourselves in a rut – because that consistent and pervasive fear that we’re not good enough or that we don’t have the skills we need is one we all have, and being vulnerable to admit it isn’t something that comes naturally to humans.

I have a bit of a modest proposal to finding the Muse in the hide-and-seek game that is finding her.

Sometimes finding your stride means doing something different. By no means do you have to be good at it or to force it, but trying something new – the act of becoming vulnerable – is what the creative process needs.

Sometimes being too busy gets in the way. We’re too busy with work, kids, work with our communities and villages to take time for ourselves. The fear of being selfish can be a very real thing for some of us.

Sometimes, doing something different isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to do something that is exactly what we’ve been doing, but looking at it from a different perspective.

And sometimes, that different perspective gives us a glimpse at who we are. The art of being vulnerable can produce such a spark that it can illuminate the paths of those around us. And like those gathering around a fire, we can unite together in our vulnerabilities, and can grow closer and can learn from our collective experiences.

Then the Muse reappears. We find our stride. We grow and run and continue on until we lose sight of the Muse again.

While I’m not going to say that the Muse will always be there, we can learn from our experiences and can cope a little better. And sometimes, we find our Muse again and can break back into our own stride yet again.

In finding our stride, let us not forget that our experiences in finding our spark beg us to help others on their individual paths.

Let your spark illuminate another’s path today.

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