Nikhil Joshi, M.D.

Caring Too Much, Caring Too Little

Recently, I watched a colleague in our neighborhood activist work receive an award. As I listened to the others who were also being bestowed this honor, I was struck by how many of them were exactly like me…we all saw situations that needed to be rectified and tried our best to remedy it. While it is rewarding work, it is also overwhelming daunting work. The unknown personal sacrifice is inspiring.

We who do this work do it because we care about our fellow man and because there are too many who do not care enough. I see the landlord who uses his tenants as a way to make himself a tidy sum, not caring that he makes profit on substandard housing that possibly even makes his tenants sick. I see the pregnant mother and her meth-head lover, wondering if they’ve thought seriously about the little life they are bringing into this world. I see the person who dumped a pile of trash on a vacant lot, now making his problem someone else’s.

Those who care, even too much, make our world a better place. I hope my Letter to the World will inspire even one more person to make a difference.

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